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   Statements of Endorsement

I’m so proud of the work that LeaderEthics is doing in our community and state. A team of Servant Leaders has stepped up to hold our political leaders accountable to have the character traits that we expect of leaders in other fields: Business, Faith Communities, Education, etc. What gets rewarded gets duplicated, so I am hopeful that this, among many initiatives, will continue to demonstrate to our elected officials that we reward good behavior, not backstabbing and dishonesty. This may be the best $25 investment annually that you’ll ever make.

 Dave Skogen

 Chairman, Festival Foods

 Author - Boomerang! Leadership Principles That Bring Customers Back

I am proud to work with LeaderEthics to advance Final Five Voting in Wisconsin. Together with the four principles of ethical leadership, Final Five Voting will give our elected leaders the freedom to solve problems and act in the public interest. Our shared, nonpartisan work is critical for the future of our state and country.

 Katherine Gehl

 Co-Founder of Democracy Found  

 Former CEO of Gehl Foods

I'm so proud of the work that LeaderEthics is doing to bring down the temperature of political discourse. Our current political landscape is so highly polarized that constructive dialog between parties with opposing views is nearly impossible to achieve. Logic, reason, and rational thought must take the place of paranoia, finger pointing, and mud slinging if we are to make societal progress. Kudos to Lee Rasch and LeaderEthics for leading the way toward a brighter future.

 Andrew Temte

 Former CEO, Kaplan Professional

 Author - Balancing Act: Teach, Coach, Mentor, Inspire

 Founder - Skills Owl, LLC

The fabric of communities are best served by truthful and transparent  leaders who improve the well being of the whole community, not just a narrow view point. LeaderEthics provides a pathway for Business, Eduction , HealthCare and especially elected leaders to more rapidly build broad conversation and greater trust.

 Jeff Thompson

 Former CEO, Gundersen Health System 

 Author - Lead True: Live Your Values, Build Your People, Inspire Your Community

Ethical leadership is foundational to Husco's mission of building a thriving business and making a positive impact in our community. The virtues of honesty, compromise and kindness are too overlooked when it comes to public discourse and our assessment of elected officials. LeaderEthics is working hard to bring integrity back to the center of American democracy and I am proud to support their mission.

 Austin Ramirez

 CEO, HUSCO International

 White House Fellow, National Economic Council during Obama & Trump Administrations

LeaderEthics has led a great effort to remind people of all parties that we can have ethical deliberations regardless of our philosophical differences. A key component of the organization's work is to offer lively and provocative discussions of how American can find its way to have ethical leadership. While it can be an uphill battle, LeaderEthics is making a real difference in promoting thoughtful debate and discussion of how we can get there.

 Brian D. Rude

 Former Vice President, External and Member Relations

 Dairyland Power Cooperative

 Former President, Wisconsin State Senate

LeaderEthics is the one forum that focuses on values that are required to provide governance that responds to the needs of the entire country. It is non-partizan and is not associated with any  agenda except to seek ethical leadership in our elected officials.If we don’t begin demanding fair and thoughtful leaders we will be forever fragmented by more radical agendas without addressing the critical issues we face as a world, a country, and a community. The entire world is seeing crisis on a scale that has not been experienced before and we desperately need thoughtful leadership that is: truthful, transparent, unifying, and representative of all constituencies. The mission and program of LeaderEthics is to find a way to get us to that leadership.

 Tom Houlihan

 Managing Director of Gensler La Crosse (retired)

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