Program Officers

LeaderEthics-Wisconsin is fortunate to have a dedicated group that provides direction and guidance in producing speaker events and programs.

Sam Scinta- Program Chair

Sam Scinta received his BA in Political Science from Yale University and his Juris Doctor (JD) degree from the University of Denver College of Law. He worked as a public finance attorney, where he assisted with dozens of projects across the West. Sam has over twenty years experience working in publishing, and served as Vice President and Associate Publisher at Fulcrum Publishing, before being named Publisher in 2006. In 2015, Sam founded IM Education, Inc., a non-profit focusing on education programming, and currently runs critical thinking and writing programs in several area schools. 

He is also an Associate Lecturer in the Political Science Department at the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse, focusing on political theory, civil discourse, and American government. 

 Peter Hughes - Program Officer

  Peter has extensive experience in health care  administration, strategic  planning and education. He retired  from Mayo Health Care System as the  Chief Planning  Officer/Planning Administrator in 2018. He has actively been  involved as a consultant for Compression Planning as a  method for  organizational strategic planning.

 Rusty Cunningham - Program Officer

Rusty Cunningham is the highly respected and accomplished former Publisher at Lee Enterprises and Executive Editor of the La Crosse Tribune. In his distinguished career, he has more than 40 years experience in the newspaper industry, serving as a champion for integrity and community collaboration.

       Ann Brice - Program Officer

 Ann is a member of the faculty at Western Technical College,  teaching information technology web and software. She is the  Branch President of American Association of University Women -  La Crosse. Ann is an avid runner who is active in numerous community efforts.

Chapter Purpose and 


Chapters may form in a local community, within a region within the state or on a statewide basis. Chapters play an important role in promoting ethical leadership. Effective chapters may seek to form alliances with like-minded organizations in order to expand the impact of programming. It is strongly encouraged that chapters participate in the development of a local COMMUNITY.  Moreover, healthy communities can serve as a foundation for ethical leaders. The local chapter has the following purpose:

Candidate Development

A key focus of the local chapter is the development of candidates who actively support ethical leadership practices as a cornerstone to their candidacy. Next generation leaders are likely to be developed at the local level. The candidate for school board or city council may someday seek elected office at the set level. The chapter should provide information and technical support in candidate development on an ethical leadership platform. While chapters should develop a plan for Candidate Development at the local level, LeaderEthics-Wisconsin will provide assistance. The plan should include: a) a program to encourage new candidates to embrace LeaderEthics Principles, b) a format for dialog with experienced individuals, and c) the use of practical campaign tools (such as grassroots campaign development).

Community Development

Local chapters should develop a plan for expanding community awareness. This plan should include developing programs with keynote speakers to discuss ethical leadership in practice. These speaker events may be virtual or face-to-face. They are an opportunity to invite guest attendees in order to expand awareness of LeaderEthics-Wisconsin. Furthermore, local chapters may embrace plans to engage with local editorial boards, the social media, and the community at-large. Local Chapters may opt to develop a local performance grading survey for local officials.

Chapters are encouraged to explore developing a COMMUNITY...a collaborative effort between local media and community organizations. The COMMUNITY will develop virtual events designed to counter disinformation and misinformation within the local community.

Other Responsibilities

Local chapters should develop a plan to encourage membership development.

Chapter Organization

  1. The local chapter should designate three officers.

  2. Chapter Chair – The Chapter Chair serves as the official representative of the chapter and is responsible for chairing Community Development and Candidate Development meetings. The Chapter President will be responsible for convening Chapter meetings, as well as planning/organization meetings, if needed.

  3. Chapter Vice-Chair – The Chapter Vice-Chair serves as the alternate senior representative for the chapter and is responsible for organizing the annual program for Community Development and Candidate Development activities. This includes securing speakers and presenters for these activities.

  4. Secretary/Treasurer – The Secretary/Treasurer will be responsible for maintaining financial records for the chapter and for external correspondence.

  5. Chapter Officers may organize the chapter to utilize additional members in chapter leadership roles.

New Chapter Approval

LeaderEthics-Wisconsin members may decide to form a chapter. A minimum of ten members is required. These members may already be listed in another local chapter, or be listed as members-at-large. Typically, a new chapter is formed within a community or region, though it may be established at the statewide level. 

Member of the proposed new chapter must submit an application letter to, addressed to the LeaderEthics-Wisconsin board containing the following information:

  1. The name of the proposed chapter;

  2. The community or region represented by the chapter;

  3. A list of the names of the initial members in the chapter;

  4. The names of the Chapter Officers: Chair, Vice-Chair and Secretary/Treasurer.

  5. A written plan, describing how the chapter intends to meet the stated Chapter Purpose and Responsibilities; and

  6. Signatures of the Chapter Officers.

Once the application is approved, the new Chapter should invite a representative of LeaderEthics-Wisconsin to meet with the officers and address the initial meeting.

La Crosse Chapter Chair, Sam Scinta, addresses the membership.

Local Chapters

La Crosse - The La Crosse Chapter was established in September 2018.  

Madison - The Madison Chapter was established in July 2019. 

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