2020 Citizen's Guide

In December of 2019, LeaderEthics-Wisconsin published the 2020 Citizen’s Guide to Ethical Leadership Among Elected Officials. The purpose was to provide practical suggestions for the average citizen to raise public awareness regarding the importance of ethical leadership. At the time the document was released, it was listed as “1.0”...recognizing that the political environment is evolving and that future updates were likely. 

In October of 2020, LeaderEthics-Wisconsin announced the 2.0 supplement. The links to both the 1.0 version and the 2.0 supplement are below. We suggest the reader initially review 1.0 since it contains relevant background information. And because the 2020 national election may have some altering impacts, look for the 3.0 update in 2021.

2.0 Supplement:   LE-W 2.0 Narrative.pdf 

More Information Regarding Actions by Citizens

The Ethics Report of November 2019 provides encouraging examples of actions taken by citizens to promote ethical leadership. Click on the appropriate link below.

"The Badass Grandmas of North Dakota" article in The Ethics Report

The Ethics Report, November 2019.rtf

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