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 Millennial Panel Conversation Hopes To Prepare Leaders for Tomorrow

 The Leader Ethics-Wisconsin La Crosse Chapter host a panel of next  generation leaders. The topic: Ethical Leadership Among Elected  Leaders



Wisconsin Public Radio - Central Time

Listen to Rob Ferrett, host of the WPR program, Central Time, interview Lee Rasch. The topic is: Wisconsin Group Working to Ensure Ethics in Government.




WKBT News: Local group grades the ethical leadership of  elected leaders

 https://www.news8000.com/news/politics/leaderethics-wisconsin-gives-trump-failing-  grades/1089359023


La Crosse Tribune - Tribcast

Listen to LeaderEthics-Wisconsin's Executive Director Lee Rasch and Rusty Cunningham of the La Crosse Tribune as they discuss the principles of ethical leadership, the need for ethics in the political world, and the mission of LeaderEthics-Wisconsin!



WXOW Daybreak Program


What is LeaderEthics-Wisconsin?

LeaderEthicWisconsin is a non-partisan/non-profit organization dedicated to promoting integrity in the American Democracy through ethical leadership practices among elected officials. Ethical leaders are:

  1. Truthful.
  2. Transparent with public information.
  3. Unifiers rather than dividers, and
  4. Willing to represent the collective interests of their constituency.

The concept is designed to work at two levels. LeaderEthics-Wisconsin is a statewide organization, comprised of local chapters. At both levels, membership will make a difference!

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Statewide: Members receive monthly information in The Ethics Report about the ethical leadership performance of elected officials at the national and state level. The information will identify examples of ethical leadership and questionable performance: a "Green Light" and a "Red Flag". The information shared will be from recognized objective sources (voting records, Fact Check.org, PolitiFact, the Washington Post Fact Checker, Vote Smart and other reputable;e sources). Annually, LeaderEthics-Wisconsin will conduct a statewide survey asking members to grade the member confidence-level of the ethical leadership performance of elected officials. The grades will be compiled and shared with prospective voters via the media. As a member, your voice will be heard!

Local chapter: Members are invited to attend quarterly chapter meetings. The local chapter will promote ethical leadership within the community (Community Development) and provide information to develop next generation leaders committed to ethical leadership (Candidate Development)As a member, you can make a difference in your home community!



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LeaderEthics - Wisconsin is organized as a 501(c)4 non-profit organization.  P.O. Box 371, La Crosse, WI 54602

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